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^Puppy Information Folder (5 per Pack)
^Puppy Information Folder (5 per Pack)

^Puppy Information Folder (5 per Pack)

$ 29.00

Ensure Your Puppies and Dog Owners Get off to the Best Start with AKC Puppy Folders

Make sure your puppies go to their new home with our redesigned AKC Puppy Folders. With more than 125 years of passion for purebred dogs, this customizable folder contains everything your puppy owners need to get started.

What's in the Puppy Folders:

Fillable, personalized vaccination chart

List of Dangerous Foods/Household Products

Day 1 at Home with Puppy

In Case of Emergency Window Decal

AKC Shop Coupon

...and much more!

You can now personalize the AKC Puppy Folder with your business card and the individual puppy information. Order your five pack of folders today for just $29.00 (including tax and shipping).

To order by phone, please call 919-233-9767.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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