Back To School Collection

It's time to head "bark" to school! Check out training equipment, treats and toys that will put your dog's brain to work. There are also dog sport jewelry pieces for the human paw-fessor.
  • Agility Cuff Bracelet

    Started by a dog lover in the jewelry business, each piece of this company's agility jewelry is handmade in the US from 100% recycled sterling silver. The pieces in the collection are three-dimensional and celebrate the joys of agility with style representing weave cones, jumps, teeters, shoots, pause tables and more. What a terrific gift for yourself or the dog lovers in your life.

    Suitable For

    Suitable for everyone


    Materials: 100% recycled sterling silver

    Size: 7-8" Adjustable, 3/8" tall and 3mm thick


    • Made from recycled sterling silver
    • Handmade
    • Made in the USA

    $ 487.50

    Show off your favorite dog sport with unique jewelry

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